Retaining Walls

Tame an unruly slope, support a pool, or contour a multi-tiered garden with segmental retaining wall blocks in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and natural colors.  Modern manufacturing technology yields structural integrity with precise dimensional consistency, resulting in an affordable alternative to natural stone.  Visit any of our Allied Hardscapes stores in Charlottesville, Zion Crossroads, or Culpeper to see their retaining wall displays.

Fast and easy installation  – after the first segment of the retaining wall is determined level, the units are quickly and easily stacked one by one.

No messy cleanup – no mortar or adhesive is used in building the wall so no material cleanup is necessary.

No maintenance – no special care or upkeep is required.

Great looking natural finishes at a fraction of the cost –
Segmental retaining walls provide an aesthetically pleasing accent to any yard at a very affordable price. The average cost of installing a segmental retaining wall is about half cost of installing rock.

Erosion prevention
Landscape Borders Sound Barriers for Highways

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