Concrete Pavers

Allied stocks concrete pavers manufactured by Eagle Bay Pavers, and Cambridge Pavers. Visit our showrooms in Charlottesville, Zion Crossroads, and Culpeper to view a full line of interlocking pavers in rich, granular stones and light, smooth textures that are an attractive choice of hardscape.

Available in a variety of colors and shapes to enhance any architectural or environmental style, they are durable and virtually maintenance free.

  • Integral color and structural integrity mean our high quality pavers last year after year in a wide variety of weather conditions.
  • The dense structure of concrete pavers enables them to resist cracking caused by freeze-thaw cycles and salts, and their smooth, uniform surface allows for easy snow removal without damage to either the equipment or the surface.

When properly laid in an engineered sand substrate and a compacted aggregate base, tightly interlocking units are uniquely effective in transferring loads laterally. By spreading the load over a larger area, stresses are reduced. This allows for heavier loads which can avoid the need for high cost, heavily reinforced concrete. Should repair be necessary, individual units can be removed and easily replaced.

Allied is proud to stock Eagle Bay Pavers and Cambridge Pavers