Concrete Block is one of the most enduring concrete products. Most identifiable as the block that is used to lay building foundations, it has many more looks and uses today. It can be patterned to look like brick or split face rock offering a cost-effective alternative for traditional brick and stone.

Allied offers a broad range of sizes and shapes of concrete block for use in residential and commercial structures including concrete brick, split face, embossed brick-faced block, and chimney block. Allied can also help you estimate the type and quantity of block needed for your project, and the volume of concrete fill needed to fill core voids in block.


• Consistent Pricing and Availability – Split-face or brick-faced block provides an economical, consistently priced alternative to brick and stone.
• Energy Savings – Block’s thermal mass contributes to reduced heating and cooling costs.
• Fire Resistant – Concrete resists the passage of flames, smoke and heat.
• More Durable than Wood – Concrete block is four times heavier and denser than a comparable wood and becomes stronger over time vs. wood. Its greater strength allows it to resist damage from salt air, rain, snow, and hurricane force winds as well as insect damage.
• Reduced Labor Requirements – Using split-face block or brick-faced block reduces labor and materials costs when one structure can provide both the structural and finish surface for the building.
• Water Resistant – Sealed concrete block repels water.

Chimney Interiors
Exterior Walls of Homes or Commercial Buildings
Foundations for Homes or Commercial Buildings
Retaining Walls

Allied Concrete Co. carries Architectural Block from these fine manufacturers:

Martinsville Concrete

Betco Supreme


CMU Catalog

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