Visit our showrooms in Charlottesville, Culpeper, and Zion Crossroads to view a full line of elegant and traditional brick that can be used for new construction, retaining walls, and entranceways.

A professional from our staff will make a site visit and recommend a match to existing structures, and can assist in estimating necessary quantity.

We can also help you with specialty brick shapes such as jack and elliptical arches to add distinct accents to a home or commercial building.


•     Natural Insulator – brick’s mass helps keep rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

•     Low Maintenance – brick will not rot, dent, warp, corrode or peel versus wood, aluminum or vinyl products. Its density allows it to resist damage from salt air, rain, snow, and hurricane force winds as well as insect damage.

•     Wide Range of Colors and Custom Shapes – brick can be used for more than just the exterior wall of a home. Bricks can be used to provide accent to windows, doors, walls or to form custom accents such as arches and columns.

•     Fire Resistant – brick resists the passage of flames, smoke and heat.

•     Water Resistant -sealed brick repels water.


•     Interior and Exterior Walls of Homes or Commercial Buildings

•     Driveways and Walkways

•     Ground-level Gutters

•     Sills and Arch Accents for Windows

•     Steps

•     In Combination with Stamped Concrete for Horizontal Surfaces

Allied Stocks the Finest Brick From:

Boral Brick
General Shale Brick
Nash Brick
Old Carolina Brick
Pine Hall Brick

Please contact Deb Brown for further assistance