Green Solutions

Green products and commitment

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufactured products, Allied Concrete has made the commitment to giving our customers, (who feel this is an important design consideration in their overall design strategy, for commercial and residential building) a choice. Below are some of the products we have developed, and/ or buy and sell. Not only do we have special products, but our mainstream products have been re-designed within this parameter.

 Some products to consider for “going green”:


All concrete mixes:

“EcoCrete” concrete mixes: “EcoCrete” concrete mixes: specially designed mixes for eco-efficiency, in strengths of 3000 psi, 3500 psi and 4000 psi  ranges

Geo-fill: specially designed , thermally conductive “flowable fill” to use in horizontal ground loops for high efficiency/geo-thermal  heat pumps

Concrete masonry: all masonry is manufactured by Allied.

Permeable Pavers: specially molded concrete pavers eliminate run-off by allowing storm water to flow between units into a stone sub-base and eventually into the ground water. 

Pervious  Concrete: specially designed concrete paving mix to allow water to pour through to the sub-base and water table, eliminating run-off. 

Insulated Concrete Forms: ICF construction gives structures more mass and cuts heating and cooling costs thereby reducing carbon footprint of project



US Green Building council website

LEED website

Eco Crete: (25% to 40% fly-ash mixes) available for less environmental impact, see attachments for eco efficiency analysis available in standard strength ranges, ie, 3000 psi; 3500 psi; 4000 psi

Eco Crete Overview

3000 psi Eco Efficiency Analysis

3500 psi Eco Efficiency Analysis

3500 psi Eco Efficiency Analysis